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Personal Testimonials...
"I have lost over 20kg in the past 6 months from nothing other than maintaining a great life balance, eating healthy and doing regular exercise as outlined by HHF and I feel fantastic!" - Dave Bennett Printing Manager
"Nicole has been absolutely wonderful - and the kindest traininer I have ever had. She works me hard but with consideration of my knee replacements and arthritis." - Cheryl Pyke Director of Customised Training
"I have been at HHF for a few years now and always enjoy my sessions. The staff also provide a warm, positive environment. I find my weekly training sessions good fun, great for my stamina and confidence. Each workout is challenging but at the same time very enjoyable." - Helen Chapman Mother & business owner
"I am more than 55kg lighter and have gone from a clothes size 24 down to a 12. " - Catherine Furby Medical Sales Professional

"I have lost over 30lb and toned my body to no end. More importantly I have restored balance to my life, instead of always burning the stick at both ends.” - Nick Sabu Senior Project Manager WP School Constructions
"HHF has helped me to lose 25kg over 18 months which whilst is slower is expected, is the only true and permanent way to lose weight for good. Thank you for teaching me what losing weight is really all about." - Sheree Deci Auditor
"I joined about 7 months ago with the goal of increasing my fitness in order to pass the Police fitness testing, which I successfully completed 1 month ago. Nicole was great in helping me to reach my goals and stay motivated. They gym has a very friendly atmosphere and the trainers are always up for a laugh which is great." - Holly Gibson HR Manager

Holistic Health & Fitness (HHF) is a professional health and fitness facility which has been meeting the health and fitness needs of individuals for over a decade. Holistic staff are leaders in the fitness industry, helping individuals determine their potential and achieve their dreams.

At HHF we understand that for most people, creating life-long physical change must incorporate the following; exercising regularly, eating nutritious foods, correct attitude, organisation skills, motivation, education, a strong network, and most importantly a sense of peace and happiness within. In essence this change is about lifestyle and we help you change this for the better.

HHF is not a gym but rather a personalised program toward better fitness and lifestyle. HHF will assist you to achieve both physical and life goals. Through various training modalities we assist you to change your body and life for the better. If it’s time to change the way you live your life - mind and body and spirit, then we would love to help you.

So ask yourself… Are you:

  • Happy?
  • Healthy?
  • Fit?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you've come to the right place! At Holistic Health & Fitness, unlike many gymnasiums, we understand that getting in shape is not just a physical process. We also understand that many people don't enjoy exercise, and often find it extremely hard to follow the 101 diets out there. At HHF we take the time to tailor a personal training program to suit your lifestyle with you in mind. We are not about fancy over crowded gyms & leotards; we simply assist you achieve your health and fitness goals - in the comfort of our private studio. We also take our service to you; either in your own home or a nearby park.

At HHF we assist in time management. We teach you how best to manage this precious resource. We're all busy! We aim to provide clients with a safe, fun environment, and achieve maximum results in the least time required.

We are different! Our holistic approach to clients needs sets us apart from the rest. There's no incense or tree-hugging. We use our knowledge and experience to teach you to reclaim and put balance back into your life.